In October of 1996, Montreal’s Hotel-Dieu, Notre-Dame and Saint-Luc hospitals were combined to create a unified teaching hospital centre, the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montreal (CHUM). A few months later, the respective foundations of these hospitals merged to create the Fondation du CHUM, which officially began its activities on May 1, 1998.


The Fondation’s mission is to provide a complementary source of funding for the CHUM. These funds will work to ensure that the centre maintains its status as a standard-setting and internationally recognized institution for medical treatment, teaching and research.


The support of a foundation is required in order for a healthcare institution to have the capacity to expand its local, national and international reputation and influence, and to accelerate its technological developments.

The Fondation du CHUM serves as a catalyst and a driving force in carrying out the CHUM’s mission, with its numerous initiatives, fundraising activities (direct mailings, canvassing of individual donors, private foundations and corporations) and its capital fundraising campaign.

It organizes benefit events whose reputation is now established. The Fondation also engages in complementary initiatives that have allowed it to achieve self-sustainability.

About CHUM

CHUM is a state-of-the-art hospital at the service of its patients. It provides the best specialized and ultraspecialized care to patients and to the entire Quebec population.

CHUM is improving health among the adult and aging populations thanks to its unique areas of expertise and innovations. A university hospital affiliated with the Université de Montréal, CHUM’s mission is to provide healthcare services, conduct research, teach and promote health, as well as to assess healthcare technologies and services.

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