Do you have a fever OR a cough OR respiratory difficulties that began while you were travelling or within 14 days of your return, OR have you been in contact with someone who has symptoms and has travelled within the past 14 days?
If so, you cannot make an appointment with the Clinique Santé-voyage. You must call 1-877-644-4545.

Have you travelled outside Canada in the past 14 days?
If so, you cannot make an appointment with the Clinique Santé-voyage.

In addition, we are temporarily suspending walk-in consultations.

Non-essential travel outside Canada should be avoided.
Go to this website:

The Québec government is recommending that people aged 70 and over should stay at home. This recommendation also applies to individuals who are immunodepressed or suffering from a chronic disease.
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Please note that consultation fees with a health professional are charged per person, in addition to the cost of vaccinations.

Any modification or cancellation of an appointment must be made at least 24 hours before the date of the appointment. In the case of non-compliance with this deadline, a fee of $ 40 will be charged.

Each time frame available for making an appointment is for one person at a time.

    • In case you want to register 2 people, you must use two different time frames.


When your travel destination requires a medical prescription (see examples1) or your medical condition requires an appointment with a doctor, please contact our receptionist, through the link “add additional details to your appointment request” to ensure that a doctor will be available at the time your visit.

  • Examples: antibiotics for traveler’s diarrhea, anti-malarial medication, anti-altitude sickness medication, etc.

Schedule of the Clinic:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8 h à 16 h
Wednesday and Thursday: 10h – 6h


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