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The mission of the Fondation du CHUM’s Leaders of Tomorrow Committee is to generate awareness about the very important social project that the CHUM represents among a new generation of donors by creating fundraising activities specifically designed for them. All funds collected during these activities will be directly invested in the acquisition of new equipment, the achievement of excellence in teaching and research, the promotion of health and the improvement of care for patients at the CHUM.


The objective of this committee is to instil a strong sense of belonging to the Fondation’s cause in a new generation of donors. The committee encourages this generation to contribute to the wellbeing of the hospital’s patients, because this benefits the entire community.


The Fondation du CHUM’s Leaders of Tomorrow Committee is composed of a mosaic of young professionals with different cultural and educational backgrounds. This new generation of dynamic philanthropists has only one wish: to make a real difference in the lives of the patients of the CHUM.

Committee members

Youann Blouin

Committee’s President
Director, Public relations
PwC Canada

Émilie Gosselin

Committee’s Vice-president
Director, Marketing
RIMAP Hospitality Services Inc

Catherine Binette

Account Director,
Clark Influence

Roxanne Boucher

Team leader,

Olivier Gaudreau

Regional manager
Transport Lac Express (USA) Inc.

Dre Sophie Grand’Maison

General Internist

Julien L’épicier

Production Account Manager

Laurent Tremblay

Community Manager
Sid Lee

Louis-Felix Tremblay

Financial analyst

Frédérique Cannon,
Frédérique Cannon

Candidate à la maîtrise de gestion en finance,
Université McGill

François Roussin, CPA
François Roussin

Directeur Multi logements,
Boiseries Raymond

Arielle Reeves-Breton

Woods s.e.n.c.r.l.

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The Fondation du CHUM’s Leaders of Tomorrow Committee is looking for new members!

Are you seeking to make a real difference in CHUM patients’ lives? Join the Leaders of Tomorrow Committee now! This committee, consisting of a variety of young professionals, constitutes a new generation of dynamic philanthropists. Its mission is to boost awareness of the vast social project that is the new CHUM among a new generation of donors, through fundraising activities tailored to this group. As a committee member, you will, amongst other things, attend and organize fundraising events. On top of contributing to an organization supporting a world-renowned hospital, you will get the chance to expend your business circle alongside dynamic and motivated professionals. Do you have an excellent network of contacts, are dynamic, creative and want to contribute to the new CHUM? Nothing easier! Send us your résumé and tell us in a few lines why you’d like to join up!

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Contact: Cynthia Dufort
Coordinator, Events
514 890-8347

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