Major Campaign – Fondation du CHUM

On September 25, 2012, the Fondation du CHUM publicly launched of one of the most important fundraising campaigns in the healthcare industry in Canada. The goal: 300 million dollars. Ambitious? Yes, but realistic as well.


This unprecedented philanthropic effort aims to sustain the renown of the CHUM by funding the purchase of cutting-edge technology and supporting continued research, education and health promotion efforts. It will provide the CHUM with the resources essential for the continuous improvement of patient care.

This major fundraising campaign calls on the entire community. It invites all donors, whether they are corporations, foundations or individuals, to support this project that will benefit all of Quebec’s population. With the support of people who care, 75% of the $300M goal has already been reached.

The funds raised by the Fondation du CHUM over the duration of this campaign will directly contribute to the wellbeing of patients. In addition, the donations reinforce the attractiveness of our healthcare centre by allowing talented doctors from around the world to join us through the creation of research chairs and the distribution of scholarship awards.

Empowered by the many commitments they’ve obtained since the beginning of this campaign, by the support of the precious donors and partners of the Fondation du CHUM, and by a community that is more active than ever, the Cabinet members for the Fondation du CHUM’s campaign are confident that they will reach their goal.

By supporting the Fondation du CHUM with a collective or individual donation, whether it is big or small, you are directly helping our hospital centre’s patients.


A few words about the joint campaign CHUM-CUSM

The Fondation du CHUM and the McGill University Health Centre Foundation have partnered together in order to solicit the largest companies in Quebec and to equally share the funds collected. With the goal of helping each centre to raise a sum of $300M, this campaign will help modernize the teaching hospitals of Montreal. The joint solicitations aim to collect a sum of $150M, of which $75M will be given to each hospital centre.

This initiative reflects a commitment that each of these hospitals shares towards a goal that is much more important than their individual ambitions: the revitalization of the healthcare system in Quebec for current and future generations.


The CHUM primarily offers specialized and sub-specialized services to an adult clientele coming from everywhere in Quebec, but especially from the region of Montreal. Today, it fulfills its true vision with the construction of the new CHUM, near the current location of the Saint-Luc hospital.

As an innovative and exemplary establishment that features a prominent research centre, the CHUM stands out as a singular pole of development. It distinguishes itself in terms of research, education, evaluation of technologies and healthcare procedures, promotion of health and the implementation and transfer of knowledge. The CHUM works in close collaboration with patients and their loved ones by placing them at the heart of every action it takes. It provides the best possible services in terms of health care, and plays a leading role in the improvement of the health and wellbeing of Quebec‘s population.

The CHUM possesses a recognized expertise in each of the following sectors:

Oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neuroscience, addiction treatment, hepathology, organ transplant, reconstructive surgery, burn treatment and the management of chronic pain.

The CHUM treats approximately a half-million patients every year.


As an anchor in the health care in Montreal, the new CHUM opens its doors to patients to an environment that is bright, welcoming, and favourable to healing. As a healthcare centre that is ahead of its time, the new CHUM offers the best possible services in terms of care, research, education and the promotion of health.

Because the CHUM exists only to serve its patients, everything within it is designed and tailored to promote their wellbeing and their health.

A summary of the new CHUM:

  • A 2.5 billion dollar project
  • 268 100 m2
  • Hospital units
  • 39 operating rooms
  • 35 medical specialties
  • 5 strategic clinical sectors:
    – Cancer
    – Neuroscience
    – Cardiovascular and metabolic disease
    – Transplant
    – Musculoskeletal disorders


The CHUM Research Centre, first of the three phases in the production of the new CHUM, opened its doors in 2013. It plays a leading role in health care development and education in Quebec. This establishment groups over 150 research teams under one roof, including teams of clinical research, fundamental research and population health research, for a total of 1600 individuals (researchers, students, postdoctoral fellows, research coordinator, professionals, research technicians and office staff).

This collective encourages the development of new and more effective treatments for patients. Together, in a stimulating and unique environment, the Research Centre staff can count on a variety of clinical research that is among the most sophisticated in the world and that is distinguished by its areas of research (neurodegenerative diseases, cancer in men and women, arthritis and diabetes, for example). The presence of the new Research Centre beside the new CHUM will also stimulate the development of enterprises that are based on the life sciences.


The CHUM Academy revolutionizes the way teaching and simulation is performed in a hospital setting. The education of the future healthcare professionals of Quebec occurs through simulations created with the help of robots and mannequins, volunteers and actors.

The CHUM welcomes about 5,800 students and interns per year, at the university, college and high school levels, and contributes to the teaching of close to half of the province’s doctors.

Located south of Viger street, the building housing the Research Centre, the CHUM Academy and administrative offices will include the following:

  • 1 cyclotron that can produce radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine, and neutrons used in the treatment of certain cancers
  • Premises for 150 teams of researchers
  • Laboratories
  • Clinical examination rooms
  • 41 clinical, self-formative and skill-assessment training rooms
  • 3 training labs and many classrooms

For more information on the new CHUM, visit


The Campaign Cabinet is composed of influent women and men who devote their time and their efforts towards the collection of funds from corporations, foundations and individuals, for the greater benefit of the patients of our hospital centre.


Me Daniel Johnson

McCarthy Tétrault
Former Quebec Premier

Honorary Patron

André Chagnon

President and Chief Executive Officer
Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation


Serge Godin

Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board
CGI Group


Monique Jérôme-Forget

Special Advisor
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt

Michael Sabia

President and Chief Executive Officer
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

Guy Savard

Special Advisor
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt

Lorne Trottier

Trottier Family Foundation
Cofounder, Matrox


Françoise Bertrand

President and Chief Executive Officer
Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec

Dr Fabrice Brunet

President and Chief Executive Officer

André Caillé

Corporate Director

Jonathan Drouin

Fondation du CHUM
#92 of the Montreal Canadiens

Guy Langlois

Regional Managing Partner – Quebec

Michel Leblanc

President and CEO
Board of Trade of Metropolitain Montreal

Luigi Liberatore

Elmag Investments

Claude Meunier

Volunteer Spokesperson
Fondation du CHUM

Marie-José Nadeau

Honorary President
World Energy Council

Serge Savard

Cofounder, TMSA
Former Hockey Player Montreal Canadiens

Kim Thomassin

Executive Vice-President
Legal Affairs and Secretariat, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec


Louis Audet

President and Chief Executive Officer

Marc Beauchamp

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Luc Beauregard (deceased)

Founding Chairman
RES PUBLICA Consulting Group

Christiane Bergevin

Executive Vice-President, Corporate projects
Desjardins Group

Norman E. Hébert Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Groupe Park Avenue

Anne-Marie J. Hubert

Managing Partner Advisory Services
Ernst & Young

Emilio B. Imbriglio

President and Chief Executive Officer
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Vincent Joli-Coeur

Vice-Chairman of the Board, Corporate and Investment Banking
National Bank Financial Markets

Johanne Lépine

President and Chief Executive Officer
Aon Parizeau