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The tickets, at a cost of $10 each, can be purchased online, on the Fondation du CHUM microsite, until 11:59 p.m. on June 3, 2021. Between April 1 and June 3, 2021, tickets can also be obtained from participating retail partners, such as Metro stores (and while grocery shopping online, on the Web site) as well as on BMR’s Web site, at

The Fondation du CHUM will offer a maximum of 310,000 draw tickets, bearing the numbers from 000 001 to 310 000.
Unfortunately, tickets may not be cancelled or reimbursed.
No. Tax receipts are not issued for Grand prize draw tickets, given that these offer you the chance of winning fabulous prizes. This being said, you can make a donation when you purchase or personalize your ticket on the Fondation du CHUM microsite. Because this donation does not increase your chances of winning a prize, it is tax deductible.

A registration code is a unique code you will receive following your purchase of a ticket for the Fondation du CHUM Grand prize draw from one of our participating reseller partners. This code allows you to get a personalized electronic ticket that will make it easier for us to contact you should you win a prize.

When you purchase (cost of $10), a ticket for the Grand prize draw at a participating Metro grocery store, you will receive an invoice confirming your ticket purchase, along with a separate coupon bearing a unique registration code you can use to personalise your ticket. 

After three unsuccessful attempts at entering a registration code, a form will be displayed inviting you to contact the Fondation du CHUM team. A team member will get in touch with you within 48 hours of the receipt of your message to assist you in entering your registration code. You can also call us at 514 890-8365 or 1 888 890-8365, or send an e-mail to, if you are unable to display the form.

Please contact the Metro Consumer Department by phone at 1 866 595 5554 or by email at for help. If for some reason they cannot resolve your problem, you can also call us at 514 890-8365 or 1 888 890-8365, or send an e-mail to

Personalizing your ticket provides the Fondation du CHUM team with your contact information. In other words, should you win a prize, contacting you will be a snap! Note that you have until June 3, 2021 to personalize your ticket.
An electronic ticket is a draw ticket that will be sent to you by e-mail and which contains your personal information. Should your ticket be drawn, event organizers will be able to easily contact you thanks to the personal information provided.

Following your registration on the CHUM Foundation microsite, a personalized and numbered electronic ticket will be sent to you by e-mail. The process is as easy as clicking on the “Purchase or personalize my ticket” button and following the simple prompts that will be displayed to complete the registration process.

There may have been a delay between the time when you completed the transaction and the sending of your ticket by e-mail. The e-mail sent to you may also have gone to your junk or spam folder; please check to make sure this is not the case before reaching out for help. If the e-mail is nowhere to be found, contact us at 514 890-8365 or 1 888 890-8365. You can also write to us at

You can reach out to the Grand prize draw team at 514 890-8365 or 1 888 890-8365 for support. A team member will be happy to execute your transaction over the telephone, and once the purchase/personalization has been completed, your ticket will be sent to you by mail. Check your mailbox carefully!

Participation in the Grand prize draw is limited to residents of Québec aged 18 years or over. People, however, can participate more than one, by purchasing several tickets. Good luck everyone!

The draw for the grand prize and secondary prizes will be held at 6:00 p.m. on June 15, 2021 at the CHUM research centre’s Agora.

If we already have the winner’s contact details (i.e., when the winning ticket was purchased directly on the Grand prize draw microsite or from a partner site and was then personalized on our microsite with the registration code provided), we will contact the person in question by telephone or e-mail within 5 days of the draw (which will take place on June 15, 2021).  Should the winner not have a personalized ticket, they will need to personally verify the winning numbers on the list posted on the Fondation du CHUM’s microsite and, if applicable, contact the Foundation within a 90-day period. 

The grand prize is an urban condo on the 16th floor of a spectacular complex at the heart of Montréal’s Quartier des spectacles, one of the most exciting districts in the city. This prize would be the perfect chic home away from home for Quebecers from a more rural region wanting to spend a bit of time in Montréal. The winner may also choose to receive a monetary prize in the amount of $300,000 rather than the grand prize. 

Yes, but only for the grand prize. In this case, the winner can opt to receive, in lieu of the prize itself, a cash amount of $300,000. Secondary prizes may not be exchanged for an equivalent cash value, and must be claimed within 12 months of the draw (save for some exceptions). For details regarding the prizes, please see the contest rules. 

Your participation in the Fondation du CHUM Grand prize draw not only offers you the opportunity of winning fabulous prizes, it also helps support the activities of the CHUM’s world-class research centre, which positively impact the entire population of Québec. 

The Grand prize draw team can be reached by calling 514 890-8368 or by sending an e-mail to