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Participate in the Grand Prize Draw for the chance to win a condo with access to an urban chalet

How would you like to relax in a lofty urban chalet located in the heart of downtown Montreal?

By entering the Fondation du CHUM Grand Prize Draw on behalf of the CHUM Research Centre, you could win a fantastic condo from Imperia Condominiums that includes unlimited access to one of the most magnificent urban chalets in the city.


What is an urban chalet?

The urban chalet trend is fairly recent, but has been steadily gaining popularity. These days, urban chalets have practically become an essential feature for new residential complexes.

An urban chalet is usually described as a communal space that provides the residents of a building with an inviting atmosphere for socializing.

Often located on the roof or upper floors of a building, urban chalets are sought after for their convivial atmosphere and attractions such as great views, beautiful decor and a variety of amenities.

The Imperia Condominiums urban chalet is sure to impress

The Imperia Condominiums urban chalet will occupy the 21st and 22nd floors of the building and will be directly connected to a rooftop terrace equipped with stylish outdoor furniture and a 4-season hot tub.

Imperia Condominiums residents will undoubtedly consider the urban chalet an extension of their home—a place they can go to play billiards, have an impromptu drink, or simply relax and enjoy the views of downtown, the mountain, or the Quartier des spectacles.

Since remote work, work sharing and collaboration are now commonplace, the urban chalet will also include a collaborative space with free Wi-Fi access—the perfect place for inspiring and motivating work or study sessions!

Want access to this awesome living space?

Is the thought of this urban chalet making your imagination run wild? Why not participate in the Fondation du CHUM Grand Prize Draw for the chance to win the grand prize? Offered by Imperia Condominiums and its partners Quebecor, DevMcGill and Omnia, the 383 sq. ft. urban condo on the 16th floor of the Imperia Condominiums project includes unlimited access to the building’s urban chalet.

Enter the contest by purchasing one or more tickets for the Grand Prize Draw. Tickets are $10 each and will be available on the Fondation du CHUM microsite until June 3, 2021.

You can also buy tickets at participating Metro grocery stores or on the BMR website,

Don’t forget to use your registration code to get a personalized electronic ticket if you purchase your tickets from one of our generous partners. That way, you can be contacted more easily if you win the grand prize or one of the Fondation du CHUM Grand Prize Draw’s other fantastic secondary prizes.

When you participate in the Grand Prize Draw, everyone in Quebec wins

When you participate in the Fondation du CHUM Grand Prize Draw, not only do you have the chance to win the grand prize or one of 5 great secondary prizes, but you are also supporting the CHUM Research Centre.

All profits from Grand Prize Draw ticket sales will go to this world-class research centre, whose work benefits everyone in Quebec.

Get your tickets today!


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