Mr. Chhay Heang Ly commits to benefitting research in the field of hemodialysis at the CHUM

After having heart surgery, Mr. Chhay Heang Ly became a hemodialysis patient at the CHUM. This is how his daughters discovered the challenges and complexity of the treatment.

Impressed by the care and attention provided by the teams at the CHUM, Mr. and Mrs. Ly, along with their three daughters, decided to donate to the CHUM Foundation, to support research in the field of hemodialysis.

“I regained my health after a very challenging hospitalization, thanks to the outstanding care from the team at the CHUM, that supported me throughout my illness. It’s only right that I, in turn, support the excellent work of the specialists and nurses who treat their patients with such care. I’m honoured to be able to be a part of the CHUM Foundation family, and I hope that my donation, which includes a research grant in the field of hemodialysis, will help researchers to advance these treatments.

Mr. Chhay Heang Ly and his family wish to continue collecting funds by inviting their loved ones and their network to support their cause.

The Foundation is truly privileged to have the support of such a big-hearted family!

To support this commitment and CHUM patients:


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