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Your donations’ impact on a healthier future

Find out what the CHUM Foundation has been up to recently. Learn more our latest accomplishments and, above all, the medical breakthroughs being made at the CHUM thanks to your generous donations. 

This year, 27,069 of you donated supporting our Foundation. Together, you’ve given $11,647,635 to the CHUM and its Research Centre. Empowered by your donations, the CHUM’s teams can push the boundaries of medicine to outsmart disease.

The impact of your generosity at a glance

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Your donations in action

Here’s what we’ve been able to do this year thanks to your support.

Revolutionizing patient care

Thanks to you, the CHUM’s teams can provide the most highly advanced specialty and subspecialty care possible to the patients who trust them with their health.

A revolutionary technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures

Your support has enabled the CHUM’s neurosurgery team to acquire a neurosurgical laser, the NeuroBlate®. This state-of-the-art equipment reduces hospitalization time and can help prevent all kinds of neurological damage.

CHUM physicians can now access areas of the brain that previously could not be reached with traditional surgery. Dr. Alain Bouthillier, Dr. Alexander Weil and Dr. Sami Obaid successfully carried out the first NeuroBlate® procedures for treating people with epilepsy.

A global first from the CHUM

Your generous donations enabled the robotic surgery expertise centre (CECR) to purchase a next-generation da Vinci, technology that lets physicians perform surgery in tight space without needing to make major incisions—and that means shorter recovery times for patients.

“Thanks to your donations and the DaVinci technology, the CHUM was the first hospital in the world to perform a lung resection without having to make painful incisions between the ribs. This far less invasive procedure is now being practiced throughout the entire world. Thank you!”

Dr Moishe Liberman

CECR director and thoracic surgeon

Driving medical research

Your donations are propelling promising research projects forward so they can transform the future of health.

The Guy Lafleur Fund, bringing hope to cancer patients and their loved ones

The Personalized Medicine Program, brought to you by the Guy Lafleur Fund, has two components:

In 2023, the fundamental research component was officially established. Four innovative research projects in precision oncology will be conducted under this umbrella.

Progress has also been made on the second component. Clinical care teams will be working to gather information about the molecules that make up cancer and then decode them. Their goal: be able to recommend personalized solutions for each cancer. The team hopes to begin recruiting patients as soon as 2024

“With you at our side, we can drive our initiatives forward and revolutionize the whole care trajectory for thousands of cancer patients. Thank you so much!”

Réjean Lapointe, Ph. D.

Principal scientist and head of cancer research at the CHUM Research Centre (CRCHUM)

Start-up grants for promising projects

Your generosity has funded the projects of 34 researchers. These projects have outstanding transformative potential for the healthcare community and patients.

“Your donations mean that I can pursue my research into the acute and chronic complications of diabetes, so that we can tailor the care we provide to diabetes patients. Thank you for helping me improve care for thousands of people!”

Nadine Taleb, M.D., Ph. D.

Transforming teaching in healthcare

Your donations have helped train highly qualified young professionals.


This year, that included 8 fellowships for young physicians and researchers to hone their skills in their field of expertise at world-class hospitals abroad.

“This fellowship will enable me to subspecialize in thyroid cancers so that I can join the CHUM’s endocrinology team, which provides care for conditions that affect glands like the thyroid that secrete hormones directly into the blood.”

Dre Sarah Hamidi

Fellowship in endocrine oncology MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

Annual Reports

The annual activity report produced by the Fondation du CHUM is a way of recognizing those who have contributed to improving patient care.

Read about our annual activities and discover the many achievements made possible thanks to the generous support of our donors.

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