Spokesperson and ambassadors - Fondation du CHUM

Claude Meunier, Fondation du CHUM’s Volunteer Spokesperson

“ To me, the CHUM is the talent, the excellence and the passion serving the patients. This hospital is not only benefiting those living today, but future generations as well. It responds to the most complex needs of our entire society, thanks to its hi-tech facilities and emphasis on staff training.”

Québec playwright and actor Claude Meunier has been the new face of The CHUM Foundation as its volunteer spokesperson since June 2016. Why? His answer is simple: for the patients.

His partner, Virginie Coossa, supports him in his work, while spreading the word about the Fondation’s mission at many events.

Jonathan Drouin, Fondation du CHUM’s Ambassador
#92 of the Canadiens de Montréal

“My goal is to encourage others to get involved and to understand the importance of CHUM in our society. I was touched to see the CHUM’s great achievements and their impact on million of people’s health. All these efforts deserve to be supported.”

Since September 2017, the Fondation has the pleasure to be able to count on its ambassador : Montreal Canadiens #92, JONATHAN DROUIN. The 22-year-old hockey player has pledged to make a personal donation of half a million dollar,
thus $50,000 annually for the next 10 years.

Moreover, he will actively participate in several of the Fondation’s major fundraising activities and he hopes
to raise another 5 million dollars through them. In particular, we will see him at the annual golf tournaments, at a ball hockey match involving other NHL players and cultural and business personalities, and at several other activities.


Véronic DiCaire, Fondation du CHUM’s ambassador

“Support health is, to me, an evidence! I am honoured to be part of the Fondation’s team to help shed even more light on this important cause alongside Claude Meunier, Jonathan Drouin and all the donors who have the well-being of the CHUM patients at heart.”

Since june 2018, the famous singer and impressionist spoke out in support of the Fondation, accompanied by Claude Meunier and Jonathan Drouin.

The Fondation is very pleased to have the chance to count on her talent and humour in many activities to come! Stay tuned!



Béatrice Martin, Fondation du CHUM’s ambassador

“It is both an honour and a privilege to carry such a vital message, especially to young people. Although we sometimes forget to say it, health really is our greatest gift. My wish is that my role as an ambassador will highlight the importance of the work being done day after day within the walls of the CHUM.”

Since May 2019, the singer-songwriter has joined Claude Meunier and ambassadors Jonathan Drouin and Véronic DiCaire to raise awareness of La Fondation du CHUM’s mission.

She will be actively involved in a number of the foundation’s major activities, and in its Comité Relève (rising generation committee), to spread the word about the CHUM’s expertise in the care and treatment of young adults in Québec.



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Soyons plus proches que jamais,
inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!