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Raise money to support the CHUM Foundation

Want to support the mission of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Foundation in your own way? You might raise funds from your friends and family or as part of a wider event. Either way, you’re joining the CHUM Foundation family and making a real contribution to the ongoing research the CHUM teams are doing. That way, they can deliver better care to our patients, today and tomorrow.

Organize a fundraiser in three easy steps

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Decide what kind of fundraiser you want to run

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Fill out the contact form

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Share your project with your friends and family, and start making a difference for patients and teams at the CHUM

A few fundraiser ideas to get you started

Let your imagination fly free! You can help build a healthier future with a project that plays to your strengths and interests.

Défi sportif
An athletic challenge

Are you good at a particular sport, or do you just like the idea of getting moving for the cause? You could put together a volleyball tournament, a soccer (or hockey or baseball) match, a run in a park, a skiing day or a mountain hike.

Mobilisez vos équipe
Rally your team

Want to rally your company’s employees for the cause? Want to show up for your community with a company event? You might organize a theme day (jeans day, casual day, etc.), a pizza lunch, a coffee or bake sale, a golf tournament or a theme evening.

Collecte de fonds en ligne
Raise money online

You could celebrate your birthday, a marriage, a birth in the family, etc., thank your care team, or make a gift in memory of a loved one. Gifts for a special life event are an easy and eco-friendly way to show your support.

Vendez vos création
Sell things you’ve made

Are you good with your hands, a fabulous cook, or just the best lemonade-maker in town? Put your talents to work for the CHUM! You might organize a sale of clothing, handicrafts, jewelry, baked goods, etc. The sky is the limit!

Encan silencieux
Raise the bid at an auction

Have you always dreamed of hosting an auction where the bidding is fierce? How about sniffing out the most interesting hidden treasures in a silent auction? It’s a great way to raise money! You could auction off furniture, trips, works of art, great wines, signed or designer items, event tickets, gift certificates, etc.

Launch a something-a-thon

Love endurance contests? You could put together a bowl-a-thon, dance-a-thon, swim-a-thon, etc. These charity events are accessible and easy to explain, and they’re playful and fun for your whole community (school, company, association, etc.).

Organize a charity benefit evening

Do you love making a splash? Why not organize a charity benefit evening with a show (dance, music, magic), a themed party, a wine and cheese reception, a gala, a ball or a fashion show?

In your community

See how members of our community have raised funds to support the CHUM and its patients.

Ginette Dufresne, ancienne patiente en oncologie au CHUM

In April 2012, Ginette Dufresne was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer. Ten years later, thanks to the excellent care she received from the CHUM’s care teams, she’s overjoyed to be in full remission. To thank the teams that saved her life, Ginette wants to contribute to cancer research by supporting the Foundation. Her plan: raise money by selling macramé items that she’s crafted over the past year.

Date: April 26, 2022, to June 8, 2022

Amount raised: $1,700

Viviane Morin, coordinator, events

Contacte Viviane Morin, Advisor,
Events and Partnerships if you have any question.


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Soyons plus proches que jamais,
inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!

Soyons plus proches que jamais,
inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!