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“Cancer is a truly terrifying experience, and I hope everyone going through it will be able to have even more options for treatment.”

Lynda Piché
cured of uterine cancer by the CHUM

Cancer research: A source of hope for Lynda

The story of Lynda, who was referred to the CHUM because she needed specialized care for endometrial (uterine) cancer, is a tale of adversity, determination, resilience and hope.

Lynda went to the doctor after experiencing abnormal bleeding at the age of 54. She had been treated for precancerous cells on her cervix twice in the past, and was starting to worry. Hôpital Notre-Dame tested her and confirmed her greatest fear: she had endometrial cancer.

Lynda underwent a hysterectomy, followed by several chemotherapy and radiation sessions, and was transferred to the CHUM once it opened. A few years later, when she thought she was done with cancer for good, it made a comeback. It had now spread to her liver, kidney and peritoneum. The prognosis was bleak.

“Despite feeling anxious and afraid, I chose to put my full trust in Dr. Vanessa Samouëlian, my gynecologic oncologist, who greatly impressed me with her sense of empathy and skill. She suggested I take part in a study. The CHUM kept a very close eye on me over the course of two years, and my condition improved.”

Lynda is on hormone therapy to this day, and doing much better. This treatment opens up new possibilities for controlling cancerous cells and preventing recurrence. Although she isn’t fully back to normal yet, many of her tumours have shrunk, and others are continuing to regress.

“In the past, my cancer diagnosis would have been a death sentence. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, though, I’m still alive and able to greet every day like the incredible gift it is. I was able to defy my prognosis thanks to the exceptional expertise of the CHUM’s medical and research teams. But if we want them to continue to make these incredible breakthroughs, we need to support them.”

As a sign of appreciation for the care she received and to help contribute to research, Lynda started donating to the CHUM Foundation. She’s able to give back to the hospital that she now sees as her second home. She even gracefully agreed to be the face of our TV ad.

“I care about supporting research and raising cancer awareness. I also chose to include a donation to the Foundation in my will, so that I could leave something to oncology research for future generations.”

Acting faster than cancer means finding new, more effective treatments for patients like Lynda—including by further developing personalized medicine. Thanks to your generosity, this dream is within reach.

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Soyons plus proches que jamais,
inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!

Soyons plus proches que jamais,
inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!