CHUM launches the Centre d’expertise en diabète - Fondation du CHUM

CHUM launches the Centre d’expertise en diabète

Preventing diabetes and improving the quality of care and knowledge to treat the Quebecers suffering from this disease is the mission of the CHUM’s Centre d’expertise en diabète (CED), made possible by the financial support of Novo Nordisk ($5M) through a $5 million donation to the Fondation du CHUM.

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Left to right : Mrs. Julie Chaurette, President and CEO, Fondation du CHUM; Mrs Béatrice Clerc, President, Novo Nordisk Canada; Dr. Andrée Boucher, Head of the Endocrinology division, CHUM and President, CED; Mr. Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services; Dr. Fabrice Brunet, President and CEO, CHUM and Me Marc M. Tremblay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fondation du CHUM.


Chaired by Dr. Andrée Boucher, head of the endocrinology division of the CHUM, the CED is based on four pillars:

· the development of best care practices to improve the management of patients at the CHUM, in their continuum of care and to ensure a harmonious transition between the different environments (home, family doctor, hospital, etc.);

· support for the health network by sharing knowledge to front and back-line professionals for better care practices and empowerment of patients in the management of their disease;

· the integration of new therapies and new technologies allowing more effective and safer treatment while simplifying the work of patients, families, and their care team. These innovations include : computerized care protocols, screening for diabetic retinopathy by artificial intelligence, artificial pancreas, etc.; · research, in all its forms, and supported by the CHUM’s Center for Integration and Analysis of Medical Data (CITADEL) including genomics research, to improve prevention, care and training for patients and health professionals.

The Centre d’expertise en diabète is a model of integrated care, research, and efficient management, that makes use of innovation in partnership with the patient to promote their autonomy in the management of their health. It draws on the expertise of 25 endocrinologists and a team of specialized professionals at the CHUM, following more than 12,000 patients with complex diabetes, and monitors more than 28,000 hospitalized patients each year. It also relies on the collaboration of many stakeholders from the CHUM, the CRCHUM, the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) and the Quebec health and social services network.

“We have a social responsibility to ensure better prevention, education and management of this disease, which significantly affects the life trajectory of patients and imposes a major social burden. With the exceptional financial support of Novo Nordisk and the Fondation du CHUM, we are proud to be working to better prevent, detect, treat, and support patients and health professionals in the fight against diabetes, particularly through network support and the implementation of large-scale research projects.” said Dr. Boucher, noting that the disease is responsible for 30% of strokes and 25% of cardiac heart surgeries, in addition to being the leading cause of blindness in adults under 65 years of age.

“The official inauguration of the CHUM’s Centre d’expertise en diabète is an important day. Thank you to the teams who developed this project and contributed to its realization. I am convinced that this center will become the benchmark for innovative practices and quality interdisciplinary care for diabetes, which is one of the most

common chronic diseases in Québec and significantly affects the patient’s life trajectory,” said Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services.

Dr Fabrice Brunet, President and CEO of the CHUM, emphasized “The philanthropic investment by Novo Nordisk to create the Centre d’expertise en diabète, will make it possible to implement an innovative and efficient interdisciplinary care management model in ambulatory mode for diabetic patients at the CHUM. In the long run, this management will reduce hospitalizations and improve the quality of care for all patients in Quebec”.

“Novo Nordisk is proud to support the development of the first of its kind in Quebec Centre d’expertise en diabète (CED). Our partnership is supported by our ambition to overcome diabetes through innovative solutions to improve patient care,” added Beatrice Clerc, President of Novo Nordisk Canada. “Diabetes is a growing disease and public health issue that requires immediate attention. With the largest community of endocrinologists in Canada, the DAC will prioritize the needs of patients across the province and improve the care pathway and outcomes for Quebecers living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Together, we can meet the challenges of diabetes care in Quebec.”

“We are very grateful to be able to count on Novo Nordisk for their generosity and their support of innovation here at the CHUM. It goes without saying that we are stronger and together. Generous donors like Novo Nordisk are a driving force behind this Center of Expertise in Diabetes which will benefit the lives of thousands of patients.” said Julie Chaurette, President and CEO of the CHUM Foundation.

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