Little Sofia gives $190 to the Fondation on her birthday!

Sofia, the foundation’s youngest life donor, asked friends and family to make contributions to support of CHUM patients, rather than bring her gifts for her fifth birthday on May 26.

Sofia’s mom is a neurosurgeon at CHUM. Knowing how hard she works, Sofia decided that she wanted to help save lives as well, even at the tender age of 5.

Sofia’s family and friends made contributions to the foundation—for the value of the toys, crayons and dolls they would have given her instead. Together, they raised $190 to help CHUM provide the best in healthcare!

The foundation is very fortunate to be able to count on the backing of such a precious and generous supporter! We would like to thank everyone who has helped make Sofia’s birthday a special day for the foundation and for CHUM patients.

Thank you again and happy birthday, Sofia, from the whole FCHUM team!

Would you like to organize a fundraiser for the foundation? Contact us today at info@fondationduchum or 1-877-DON-CHUM!

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