A Planned Gift a Lasting Legacy for the Health of Future Generations

The future health care is being built today. By planning your donation, you are contributing directly to the advancement of current research and enabling the CHUM’s care teams to build a future where the terms “incurable, sequelae and side effects” will become less and less common for the thousands of CHUM patients.

What is a Planned Gift?

Planned giving is a way of ensuring the continuity of your support for the Foundation and its hospital while respecting your personal, family, and tax situation.

A donation can be planned whenever you wish, in whatever way is most convenient and advantageous for you, for example:

A legacy donation allows you to bequeath an amount, a specific asset, or a percentage of the assets in your will to the CHUM Foundation. It’s a simple and accessible way to give while continuing to care for your loved ones.

This type of donation allows you to do something significant for the CHUM Foundation while spending only a portion of the capital donated. If you’d like to make a major gift without affecting your current finances, you can designate the CHUM Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy by filling out a simple form.

This type of donation is especially suitable for people who own securities (outside of registered plans such as RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs) that have appreciated since they were acquired. From a tax standpoint, this is one of the most advantageous ways to give.

Download the Donation Securities Form

If you don’t need your withdrawals to meet your needs, you can choose to donate them to the CHUM Foundation and receive a tax receipt to reduce your taxes. You could also include a clause in your will specifying that you leave your registered plan to the CHUM Foundation. These are the assets that are most heavily taxed at the time of death, if you don’t have a spouse.

Other types of donations include endowments, charitable trusts and gifts of real estate.


Choosing planned giving is:

  • having a significant and lasting impact on the CHUM Foundation;
  • contributing to a healthy future for generations to come;
  • ensuring that your values of mutual aid and the cause you care about will live on;
  • reducing your tax burden or that of your estate.

We recommend that you consult your financial or legal advisor to maximize the benefits of your situation. If you would like to make a planned gift to the CHUM Foundation, we will be happy to assist you in thinking about your donation, without obligation and in complete confidentiality.

Claire Tardif_1200x630pixel

“I was lucky enough to get treatment at the CHUM and receive a transplant 18 years ago. I’m extremely grateful for the care and attention I received from the doctors and staff. It’s thanks to the CHUM that I’m still here with my son and granddaughters today. It’s for all these reasons that I decided to donate a part of my estate to the CHUM Foundation. I want to move research forward, and it’s my way of giving back to the next generation.”

Claire Tardif, CHUM Foundation donor

Véronique Salibur, MBA

Véronique Salibur, Advisory Director,
Major and Planned Gifts

514 444-8186

Gift Tabulator

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The CHUM Foundation is proud to be associated with the 2022 Will Power campaign, which aims to raise public awareness about the significant impact people can have on the causes they care about by leaving a charitable gift in their will.

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