Brian Mulroney
Dr Kevin Zorn
Anne Robert
Lucien Bouchard
Dr Aline Boulanger
Maryse Dumulon-Morin
Dr Jacques de Guise
Conrad Steeve Piché
Dr Carole Richard
Maxime Morin
Isabelle Auger
Dre Marie-Josée Hébert
Isabelle Langlois
Valérie Barrette
Maude Schneider
Roxanne Cournoyer
Marie-Josée Fournier
Dr George Honos

2022-2023 Contributions to the CHUM

Donation Chart

By listening to the needs expressed by the CHUM, the Foundation is able to respond to the immediate and urgent requirements of the patients. Every year, the CHUM presents the Fondation with a list of priorities that is established with the help and consultation of the heads of each department.

Your donations therefore make a real difference for the patients. They provide the chance to benefit from the best possible care. Your generosity supports new and exciting quality projects.

These are some examples of accomplishments made possible by your donations throughout the years!


Activity Reports

Every year, The CHUM Foundation publishes an activity report as a way to show recognition for the efforts made by those who have contributed to the improvement of the care given to patients.

Consult our annual activity report to discover the abundant achievements made possible by the generous support of our donors

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