The CHUM Foundation's new campaign: Act Faster Than Disease
Let's act faster than Disease

The Foundation launches its new major campaign: Act Faster Than Disease

The CHUM foundation, joined by around 200 guests—including partners, donors, staff members and patients—kicked off the very first major solo campaign in its history. The campaign has the lofty goal of raising $200 million by 2028 to help transform the future of medicine. These funds will help the CHUM’s teams triumph over disease and bring innovation, research, teaching and care to a whole new level, for a healthier Quebec.

“The CHUM’s teams’ unwavering desire to build a healthier future is what drives them to push the boundaries of scientific inquiry and interdisciplinary teamwork ever forward in order to develop, assess and implement groundbreaking treatments set to improve public health and unlock new insights into disease. This new campaign ensures we have everything on our side to revolutionize medicine.”

Co-porte-paroles de la campagne majeure de la Fondation du CHUM

“It’s so exciting to see how medicine is able to shift toward something that’s more precise and patient tailored. It fills us with so much hope. It’s advances like these that make all the difference for us and our loved ones. By supporting the CHUM, you’re also supporting everyone in Quebec who needs specialized care.”

$200 million to beat disease

The CHUM Foundation wants to leverage its Act Faster Than Disease major campaign to help fast-track the development of expertise within its hospital. The goal is to give the hospital a head start by combining its teams’ incredible breadth of knowledge with the power of artificial intelligence, digital infrastructure, robotics and emerging technologies.

Because saving time saves patients’ lives, support from donors is critical to helping the CHUM achieve its goals. Donations make it possible for the CHUM to act faster than disease in order to eliminate cancer, revolutionize care for cardiometabolic diseases, cure immune disorders, provide new mental health solutions and put an end to neurological diseases. The point of it all is to work toward a future where the words “incurable,” “after-effects” and “side effects” are a thing of the past.

Campaign cabinet: 27 business leaders get on board for a healthier future

Coprésident du cabinet de campagne

“Our campaign cabinet is doing ambitious work that is critically important for both current and future patients. I’m honoured to be working with these big-hearted members of the business community, who have graciously agreed to advocate and raise funds for the Foundation in their respective circles while advancing the cause of a healthier Quebec.”

The CHUM Foundation also unveiled the identities of the businessmen and businesswomen in its campaign cabinet. As the pillars of the fundraising campaign, these volunteer philanthropists are responsible for ensuring the campaign hits its ambitious financial targets, drawing on their professional networks to increase donations. 

At the helm of the cabinet’s efforts are Maxime Ménard, the president and CEO of Jarislowsky Fraser, and Pascal Tremblay, Novacap’s president, CEO and managing partner. The two co-chairs agree that when you get behind the CHUM, you’re showing up for all of Quebec.

CHUM patients generously lending their faces to the campaign

Act Faster Than Disease also features an advertising campaign developed jointly with the Qolab marketing agency. The campaign, which puts the spotlight on five different CHUM patients, will appear on television, on posters, across the internet and in newspapers—and wherever the CHUM and the Foundation’s operate. 

To learn more about the campaign and donate:

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