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Christmas Concert - four seasons vivaldi

Christmas Concert – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Benefit Christmas Concert for the CHUM Foundation
World-renowned cellist Denis Brott, whose life was saved by members of the CHUM’s care teams, will lend his talent to help raise funds for the CHUM and thousands of CHUM patients through a concert open to all classical music lovers.
Discover Denis Brott story!

Join us for this special Christmas concert at 7 p.m on December 8 and celebrate the holiday season in an atmosphere filled with warmth and music. The brilliant Denis Brott, accompanied by seven talented musicians, will be performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for your listening pleasure.

The brand-new Pierre-Péladeau auditorium will set the stage for an incredible musical journey with a performance and harmonies that promise to be pleasing to the ear. Enjoy this unique opportunity to discover, or rediscover, one of the most iconic masterpieces of the music world.

Regular tickets are $120 and VIP tickets (first few rows) are $140.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors for the organization of this concert, a significant tax receipt will be issued for the purchase of your concert ticket.

 If you can’t make it to the concert but want to contribute to the cause, you can buy a ticket for a CHUM patient!

Thanks to the support of our sponsors for the organization of this concert, a significant tax receipt will be issued for the purchase of a ticket offered to a patient.

Passionate musicians poised to deliver an exceptional performance

Meet some of the best new rising artists of Quebec’s classical music scene:

Kevin Zhu – concertmaster
Marianne Dugal, Ana Drobac,
Anaïs Saucer-Lafond et Ryan Truby – Violin
Lambert Chen – Viola
Denis Brott – Cello
William Deslauriers-Allain – Doublebassist
Luc Beauséjour – Harpsichord

 Learn more about the musicians. (in French)

Meaningful support where it counts the most: public health

Health is our most precious resource, and your generosity makes sure the dedicated teams at the CHUM are able to continue their amazing work and keep pushing the boundaries of medicine. Thanks to kind donors like you, the CHUM’s teams can carry on saving the lives of people like Denis. As the holiday season approaches, your contribution could make all the difference in ensuring you and your loved ones always have access to the best care possible.


A first-string friendship

Denis Brott, violin solist

After returning from a European concert tour, world-renowned cellist Denis Brott was admitted to the CHUM’s intensive care unit after being diagnosed with COVID-19. The care teams helped him as he valiantly fought against multiple complications—including inducing a coma for 32 days—until he emerged victorious from his arduous battle.

Denis was able to pull through as a result of the exceptional care he received, but also thanks to support from a music-loving CHUM doctor who, despite not having Denis as his patient, made sure to come to visit him every day during his stay at the hospital. The doctor’s reassuring presence, the music he played for Denis and the virtual meetings he set up with family gave the famous cellist a new lease on life.

Denis, more than anyone else, knows how lucky he was to receive world-class care right at his doorstep and make a new lifelong friend at the same time. He has since made a full recovery, and he is profoundly grateful to all the people who treated, encouraged and supported him while he was at his worst during his hospital stay. Denis Brott now organizes concerts for the CHUM staff to thank the organization and support its care teams in his own special way.

Learn more about Denis’s story! (in French) 

Yes! For the first time in the CHUM’s history, all Quebecers will get the chance to attend the Christmas Concert, a benefit we organized for the holiday season for our hospital patients.

Regular tickets are $120.
VIP tickets (first three rows) are $140.

Payment for the ticket must be made in full by cheque, credit card or cash.

Ticket buyers or the one for patients will receive a donation receipt for the eligible portion of the experience after the event.

The concert will be held at the CHUM’s Pierre-Péladeau Amphitheatre, the hospital’s iconic venue. Attendees will have the exclusive privilege of being the first members of the public to set foot in the new auditorium. Notable for its striking curvilinear design, this architectural marvel and beloved local landmark won the Ordre des architects du Québec’s People’s Choice award as well as its excellence award in the public institutional building category.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Quartier des Spectacles, the auditorium is situated in the heart of the hospital complex, on the first floor of Pavilion A at 1000 Saint‑Denis Street, Montréal, Quebec, H2X 0C1.

To get there by metro, you can take the orange line to Champs de Mars station.

The CHUM has paid parking for those coming by car.

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